The Side Bar Difference

At Side Bar Cafe we have committed ourselves to delivering our customers the very best. In the level of service and quality of our products. This begins with our passion for great tasting foods and beverages. Followed up with the unwillingness to lower our standards for profit. We have always tried to stay true to our original committment to serving the best products at a reasonable price.

Unlike several of our competitors we use high quality product, and we cook our food fresh. Never using precooked bacon and or hamburgers and so on. We cook everything on our menu in house and the old fashion way from scratch recipes we've developed. None of this precooked bacon, burgers, instant potatoes and so on that many of the fast food or quick service chains have turned to.

We purchase our products from long standing reputable suppliers who have implemented HACCP plans to track the flow of foods through the entire supply chain. This greatly helps to ensure we are receiving storing and preparing the best quality foods. If you start with the freshest and highest quality you can taste the difference in the end product.

In addition to carefully selecting the right foods we are just as careful when searching for employees. We want our team members to care as much and have the same commitment to the quality of work they produce. It is our goal to make you our guests to always feel welcome and enjoy the entire dining experience. Whether you can take the time to sit in our dining room or to go. It is our hope that you are always satisified.




1300 I Street Sacramento, CA. 95814

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