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Why We Changed To Certified Organic Coffee

Most major coffee producers coat their crops
with a witches’ brew of toxic chemicals to fight
these intruders and increase crop yields. The
question is not whether the chemicals make
their way into your morning cup. At peak temperatures
above 450 degrees, the roasting process
will most likely burn off any residual chemicals.
The real question is what do these chemicals
do to the environment and communities
where they are sprayed? The data is clear; the
effects on groundwater, nearby crops, and people’s
health are well documented

Not all deli meats are created the same!

At Side Bar Cafe we are committed to serving our guests the best. 

We are currently talking with


We hope to come to an agreement and launch our new deli meats in early September 2019.

Farm To Fork

We proudly support our farmers









We use local distributors for our supplies. While our crops are available we only use California grown typically within 150 miles from our location.


Naturally the growing seasons only last a few months at a time. So, during these time we try and to purchase from either Southern CA. or Arizona. However, some produce such as tomatoes and some others we receive products from Mexico, Peru and Chili.

We are proud to announce that we are currently working with the nations largest sport nutrition suppliers

Some of the brands we are looking at carrying

  • Bang  RTD

  • Amino Energy Sparkl RTD

  • Celius

  • Quest

  • Lenny & Larry's

  • Syntha-6 crisps

Naturally as the largest Sports Nutrition supplier they carry thousands of products. However, we are trying to bring you some healthier options.

It has been brought to our attention, they you want to know where we get our pasties.

It gives us great pleasure to inform you.  They are form our kitchen. For those early customer who come in between 6:30 - 7:00 AM see us bring them out of our kitchem. This is why thay are still hot when they purchase them at early.

I personally roll, proof and bake our croissants Tuesday - Friday. The same goes with our muffins. We bake them fresh Tuesday - Friday. 

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